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Xbox 360 Media Browser Transcode Error

Somehow the security on the NAS will have to be configured to allow a 'guest' account to connect. Just hope it helps.i did find this useful but I had a program called Vuze already on my computer that did all this for me. If you are planning to run in this configuration, you may get a better playback experience by selecting "SD" in the "Media Conversion" options. Rather than copying content to your device for playback you can access it via any web browser via the currently very basic 'Local RSS Feeds' feature. Check This Out

I ripped all my DVD movies to ISO's, placed them in individual folders and grabbed metadata for everything. It likes playing media roulette using the 360 app at the moment lol. That's what makes T360 so nice is it transcodes to file and then the movie is played from the transcoded file (rather than being realtime and getting hiccups and freezing). Trying to find a further Plex server update wasn't working either via in app update service or via plex.tv/downloads both of which still said was the latest.

Unless he does something to fix that, we are stuck. Because you NAS is probably running some form of linux OS, I am not sure how to configure the security on it to make this work. Leave the filesystem as FAT seeing the xbox only picks up FAT hard disks and put all your movies on to there then connect it to the xbox's USB ports....

More I'm thinking about alternative solutions for it now, it is yesterday's tech after all. Inside you will see a file called mencoder (mencoder.exe). in short spend more time refining you products Microsoft!

Select Plugins > Vuze Transcoder and change the option "Threads to use for transcoding" I checked the "Remember this setting" for the conversion setting and now I want to make a I do not use Media Browser 3 but hear it is totally different from version 2 which was just a plugin for Media Center and when you fired up Media Center This enables all recordings to be shared and luckily, FIOS does not have a copy once flag on the channels I record. I will trying clearing the cache etc tonight and have another play though.

Or have you also just recently upgraded to try that alternative streaming method out? 0 Craig0ss Posts: 15Members, Plex Pass December 2014 Hi Thanks for your reply Firstly i did acquire When a device doesn't directly support a video file format it needs to be transcoded from the original format into one the device can handle. I am running with that checked. On these files the Image quality is also very low, heavily pixelated on 720p files etc...

I'm sorry but I have found multiple references that state it does not work with 64-bit. 6:32 PM toby said... I don't know Iggy. I have noticed that the working films are written as extension .361 in the transcode buffer. I don't think that a HTPC with WMC can replace my XBOX 360 in the bedroom.

Is there a step that I could have missed that allows the shark007 codecs to be used by the Mcx1 user account? his comment is here I made an installer tool that pretty much does all the stuff described below for you. Although the answer might be there, it might be difficult to find. Unfortunately though, mkv is an HD format, and streaming it on the fly would be pretty pointless seeing TVersity kinda shrinks it a bit into a format for the xbox.

rfmullerjr,Feel free to email me [email protected][nospam]yahoo.com. Toby, I just wanted to say thanks for this post. But the 360 profile specifies a transcode target of asf/wmv2/wmav2 (This means container/video codec/audio codec) So what normally happens in this case is the file is transcoded (I would this contact form Is it possible to "hack" XBOX 360 to use some other player?

My Movies just reports that a connection cannot be made.This then is a T360 problem I would think, rather than My Movies. To enable extensions go to Control Panel>Folder Options>View Tab>uncheck the box next to 'Hide extensions for known file types'. I am running a 86 bit Vista & mm 2.51 have done everything 3 times to make sure i didnt miss anything and I am getting the same error "Communicating with

Any idea why the two won't talk?Great instructions - thanks for posting them!Thanks! 1:37 AM toby said...

They all play in WMP and WMC just fine. My understanding is that fast forward and rewind won't work using transcoding. I have a horrible feeling there has been an MS update that has messed it up - your thoughts?I've reinstalled T360 1.6.3 to be sure, but there is nothing meaningfull in It will make things easier.

now the problem, i then moved the folder to my K drive, (external WD 1TB) and i now get a different error on the xbox (transcode failed to open...), this is Even though the server and extender are both connected to a 100Mbps LAN, trying to watch the movie on the extender at 8Mbps (Ultra) quality level always led to skipping and The bottom line is 'Guest' account needs to be enabled on the other machine, and 'Guest' needs to have Read (Read and List) to the movie folders. http://thetechevent.com/xbox-360/configuration-error-windows-media-center-xbox-360.html My video is being converted to 480x320.

The problem may have more to the with T360 and maybe that is why he cannot do anything about it. 2:55 PM Brad said... I am on a wired network. Content doesn't stream over my wireless well Streaming over wireless may be problematic because typically your bandwidth will be more limited, more susceptible to other network traffic causing interruptions or jerkiness I have all of the software installed (Transcode 360, mplayer, etc).

I can not get my 2100 to see MyMovies via T360. I believe he actually made a 64-bit version but I have tried and tried to find it and I never have been able to. It is odd, because I am able to populate my library on Xbox from the WHS machine and only get the error with My Movies. 7:23 PM toby said... When I import movie to My Movies, I had to find the path via network share path, not from a mapped drive path.